Michael Ebert was elected Mayor of Canal Winchester in November 2007 and first assumed office in January 2008. He was re-elected in 2011, 2015, and 2019. Mayor Ebert is the chief executive, administrative and law enforcement officer for the City of Canal Winchester where he is responsible for the administration of all municipal affairs.

Mayor Ebert resides in Canal Winchester with his wife Carolyn. They have 3 grown children and are grandparents of 8.


Dear Residents and Visitors:

Welcome to Canal Winchester! It is a privilege to serve as mayor of a town rooted in tradition and so full of history. I’m proud to have called this vibrant community home for more than 40 years. For others who have chosen to live here, I’m sure you also appreciate all that Canal Winchester has to offer.

In Canal Winchester, active collaboration between government, business and the community allows us to work towards shared visions, objectives and values. Strong partnerships between these groups and the school system further improve the overall quality of life for our residents. Additionally, by working with surrounding communities on joint projects, we are able to improve the region as a whole.

From steady commercial development to the renovation of streets, there is a lot happening in Canal Winchester. As a member of the community, you have a vested interest in what goes on here. I encourage you to share your opinions and any concerns you may have with your elected officials and city staff. Council and committee meetings as well as public hearings are all open to the public and residents are given the opportunity to participate at each of these forums. I also have an “open door policy” and invite you to contact me anytime to let me know what you think.

Beyond sharing your thoughts and ideas, there are many other ways to become involved in our community. Canal Winchester offers several unique shops, restaurants and attractions, and you can contribute to our local economy by supporting these area businesses. The community also puts on a variety of festivals and events that the whole family can enjoy. For those of you who wish to share your resources, talents or time, there is an abundance of service and professional organizations in Canal Winchester such as the local Lion’s Club and Canal Winchester Art Guild.

The City of Canal Winchester’s rich heritage is centered by its quaint downtown that showcases many Victorian-era homes and historic landmarks. Canal Winchester is also an Ohio and National “Main Street Community,” demonstrating its commitment to maintain the visual appearance and quality of life of its downtown. The remainder of our family-oriented community offers a variety of well-established and modern neighborhoods, ample parks and recreational facilities, a great school system and important services provided by a growing business population.

As we move towards our future, I am committed to using a common sense approach that allows us to grow responsibly while maintaining our heritage. I welcome your input as we move forward together and invite you to review Canal Winchester’s entire website to learn more about what makes Canal Winchester such a great community.


Michael Ebert
Mayor of Canal Winchester

Previous Mayors

Michael Ebert
2008 - 2023 (Last elected Village Mayor- First elected City Mayor)
Jeffery Miller
2004 - 2007
Marsha Hall
1993 - 2003 (Finished Russ Arledge’s term)
Russ Arledge
1992 - 1993
Mike Jones
1986 - 1991 (Finished last 2 years of K.L. Miller’s term)
Donald C. Johnson
1984 - 1985 (Finished part of 2nd year in K.L. Miller’s term)
K. L. Michael Miller
1982 - 1983
Record to be added
Dale Miller
1960 - 1963
K.L. Miller
1956 - 1959
Dewey Shumaker
1949 - 1955 (Finished previous term and re-elected 2 times)
Charles C. Daehler
1946 - 1949 (moved to New York State)
Charles H. Davis
1945 - 1945 (Finished Francis K. Cherry’s term)
Francis K. Cherry
1942 - 1945 (Died)
Theodore D. Stevenson
1934 - 1941
Bird E Schirm
1926 - 1934
Dr. John W Shook
1924 - 1926
Floyd C. Wright
1922 - 1924
Grover C. Raver
1920 - 1922
W.H. Lane
1912 - 1919
Archie C. Huston
1910 - 1912
Edwin L. Carlton
1906 - 1910
Oliver P. Gayman
1897 - 1906 (Finished Alspach’s term and re-elected 4 times)
W.S. Alspach
1891 - 1897 (Finished B.F. Gayman’s term, but died before it was complete)
B.F. Gayman
1891 1891 (resigned to go to the House of Representatives)
W.H. Lane
1890 - 1891 (Finished B.F. Gayman’s term)
B.F. Gayman
1886 - 1890 (resigned in 1890 to move to New York State)
James B. Evans
1876 - 1885
Charles B. Cowan
1874 - 1875
James B. Evans
1872 - 1873
Joshua S Stevens
1870 - 1871
James B. Evans

1866 - 1869 First Mayor of Canal Winchester