Water Reclamation

This division of the Department of Public Service operates and maintains a 2.48 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) extended aeration water reclamation facility and wastewater collection system that consists of 60+ miles of sewer mains, 13 sewage pump stations, and 1200+ manholes.

Functions of this division include: 

  • Treatment plant O&M
  • Collection system maintenance
  • Fats, Oil & Grease Program Administration
  • Utility locating
  • Support to Stormwater Division
Please keep wipes out of the pipes
The division of Water Reclamation reminds residents that there are paper products and wipes on the market that are advertised as ‘flushable’ when in fact, they should instead be discarded in the trash.  While the wipes flush down, they do not decompose and break down like toilet tissue, and instead can get caught in wastewater treatment plant filters, often causing severe damage and costly repairs.  You can help your community minimize such damage and expense by keeping wipes out of the pipes. 

Water Reclamation Documents