This division of the Department of Public Service operates and maintains a 2 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) ion-exchange water treatment facility and water distribution system that consists of over 40 miles of water mains, 3 water towers and over 2,600 service connections.

Functions of this division include:

  • Treatment plant O&M
  • Distribution system maintenance
  • Meter reading
  • Hydrant flushing
  • Backflow prevention & cross-connection control

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Canal Winchester Department of Public Service began a multi-year project upgrading the city’s water meter reading infrastructure in early March 2017.

Upgrades are necessary to phase out aging equipment and to utilize newer technology, providing better service to the utility customers. Upgrades will also provide a more efficient meter-reading process and help detect consumer leaks and unusually high usage.

To complete the upgrades, city staff will access a property to replace the existing exterior remote reading equipment with new components. On some properties, staff will need to gain access to interior meters. In those cases, utility customers will be notified to set up an appointment. Upgrades should take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete.

For questions concerning meter upgrades, please call 614-837-5623.

Lead and Copper Information

The City operates and maintains our own water treatment facility along approximately 42 miles of water mains and over 2700 service connections. Throughout the years we have striven to utilize capital projects to update the water line infrastructure throughout the community to increase capacity and water quality; including the elimination of lead pipes from our system. Lead service lines were commonly used prior to the 1950's and lead solder was used on some private interior plumbing until 1998 at which time the amount of lead solder was reduced. An analysis of our waterline inventory has revealed all of our water mains are from the 1950's and newer, with the majority of them installed after 1990.

Recently the City of Canal Winchester created a lead mapping system in compliance with Ohio House Bill 512. This map provides details of our system including: year water main was installed, what type of materials the water mains are constructed of, and if there is potential for lead service lines, along with the year properties were originally constructed. To the best of our historical data and recent capital improvement projects, the city believes that city owned lead service lines or adapters have been removed. However, some lead may still be present in interior building plumbing and, while the city treats the water with corrosion control inhibitors and has not been in violation of the US Environmental Protection Agency's Lead & Copper Rule, property owners are encouraged to learn more about the lead in their plumbing systems.

If you have any questions concerning the map feel free to contact the City of Canal Winchester Water Superintendent Joe Taylor at (614)837-5623 or by email.

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