Permitting Process

Building Process


A property owner or authorized agent applies to the city for a permit. Permit fees are due when plans have been reviewed. Construction documents detailing the work are submitted with the application.

Plan Review

A state certified plans examiner reviews the construction documents to ensure compliance with zoning and building codes. Special approvals may be required by the Planning & Zoning Commission or the Landmarks Commission. In most cases, a plans examiner will approve the construction documents and advise the applicant of the minimum requirements that may have been missing from the construction documents to meet code.

Permit Issuance

Upon completion of the review of the construction documents, city staff will call to confirm the plan review is complete and advise the applicant of the amount of fees pertinent to the permit. Plan comments are typically specific to the project, detailing missing information required by code, or are sometimes general in nature, pointing out typical problems found by the plans examiner. Once plans are approved and the fee has been received, a permit to build is issued by the city.


As the work is being conducted per the approved construction documents, city inspectors will need to inspect at various stages of the construction process.

Changes in the Work

As the work progresses there are many reasons why it might be necessary to deviate from the approved construction documents. If there are deviations from the approved plans, changes are processed in the same way as the initial plan submission. City inspectors cannot approve changes in the field without approval by the Chief Building Official.

Right of Way Permit