Landmarks Committee
Canal Winchester contains numerous historic, architectural and environmental resources that establish an environmental character. This environmental character is directly linked to the economic, social, historical and cultural health and well being of the community. The Landmarks Commission was established to help protect and preserve these resources and to prevent intrusions and alterations within the established historic districts, which would be incompatible with their established character.

When a property within the historic district proposes making an alteration to their existing building, property or constructing a new building, they must first file an application with the Planning and Zoning Department for its review by the Landmarks Commission. The Commission is responsible for reviewing and acting upon those applications for a Certificate of Appropriateness in conformance with Chapter 157 of Canal Winchesters Codified Ordinances and the Preservation Guidelines. A zoning permit and building permit can not be issued unless a Certificate of Appropriateness has been issued.

A Certificate of Appropriateness is not required for ordinary maintenance or repair of any designated Landmark or property within the historic district provided such work involves no change in material, design, texture, color or exterior appearance. Where a change including the construction, reconstruction, alteration or demolition of any feature, which in the view of the Planning and Zoning Administrator, is required for the public safety because of an unsafe, insecure or dangerous condition, a Certificate of Appropriateness is not required.

City Council shall seek the guidance of the Landmarks Commission for construction, reconstruction, alteration or demolition of any public building, public work, public lands or public utility owned by Canal Winchester when there is a question of landmarks status or historical significance. But when there is not a question of landmarks status or historical significance, said public project does not require a Certificate of Appropriateness.

In addition to the above, the Landmarks Commission is responsible to cause or assist in conducting continuing surveys of cultural resources within Canal Winchester, making recommendations for designation of local landmarks and historic districts, advise local officials and departments regarding protection of local cultural resources, work toward the continuing education of citizens regarding historic preservation, and to review and recommend all proposed National Register Nominations for properties within Canal Winchester. The Commission is also responsible to hear and decide appeals of any decision or order made by the Planning and Zoning Administrator or Zoning Officer involving the Landmarks Commissions jurisdiction.

The Landmarks Commission consists of seven members who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council for a term of four years. In the case of a vacancy, the Mayor shall appoint and city Council shall confirm a replacement member who shall serve the balance of the vacated term. The Mayor may consult with the Landmarks Commission and the Canal Winchester Area Historical Society for potential members. At least five members shall be residents of Canal Winchester. The remaining two members shall be residents or property owners within Canal Winchester. Whenever possible, appointments to the Landmarks Commission should be made so the following are represented:
  1. Four resident/owners of Landmarks or property within the historic district.
  2. One owner/manager of a commercial or industrial business within Canal Winchester.
  3. At least four preservation-related professional members to the extent such professionals are available. This shall include the professions of architecture, architectural history, history, archeology, urban planning, landscape architecture, art design, law, education, real estate, historic preservation.
Landmarks Commission members serve without compensation. The following Commission officers are elected each year: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary.

Special meetings of the Commission can be called at the request of the Mayor or Commission Chairperson, or upon written notice by two or more of the Commission members with at least a twenty-four hour notice prior to the meeting time. All Commission meetings are open to the public with the Chairperson presiding at the meetings.

Any Canal Winchester resident or owner/manager of a business in Canal Winchester who has an interest, experience or knowledge in historic preservation and would like to serve on the Landmarks Commission needs to contact the Mayor or the Planning and Zoning Administrator.

Time: All times for Landmark meetings are at 7:00 pm
Date: 4th  Mondays of the month. Schedule of all committee meetings
* Times and dates are subject to change. 
Location: Town Hall, 10 North High Street Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110
Agendas & Meeting Minutes
Committee Members
Rick Deeds, Chair
John Bender, Vice-Chair
Steve Donahue