Charter Review Commission
On or before the last day of January in the year of 2000 A.D. and each ten years thereafter, the Mayor shall appoint five and the Council shall appoint six members of The Charter Review Commission. The Commission shall submit its findings and recommendations for revisions of the Charter to the Council no later than the last day of December of the year of their appointment. The terms of the members of the Commission shall end on the last day of December of the year of their appointment. The Council may, in its discretion, submit any, all or none of the recommendations of the Commission to the electors in the form of proposed amendments to the Municipality’s Charter at an election established by the Council.

Time: TBD
Date: TBD
Location: Town Hall, 10 North High Street Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110
Council Committee Members
Rick Deeds, Chair email:
Victor Paini email:
Bruce Jarvis email:
Bobbie Mershon email:
Council Appointments
William Bennett
Victor Paini
William Ray
David Rinkes
Robert Toledo
Nancy Schirm Wright
Jennifer Nack
Chris Chatfield
Beth Bayless
Mayoral Appointments
Calvin Caswell
Robert D. Clark
Brandon Kern
Roger White
Joe Wildenthaler
Heather Bolin