Residential Trash & Recycling Collection



Rumpke is a family-owned waste and recycling company that has provided services to residents and businesses throughout the region for more than 87 years. Today, Rumpke ranks among the largest service providers in the country. More than 400 communities throughout Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana, including Cincinnati and Columbus, rely on Rumpke for reliable weekly service.


In addition to weekly trash collection, residents have a curbside recycling program provided by Rumpke. Additional information on what is and is not recyclable can be found below.


Trash and recycling collection takes place on Thursdays.  Service may be impacted due to holidays - see below for more details.


EMAIL:           CALL: 1-800-828-8171           WEBSITE:


Rumpke will provide weekly trash and recycling service including a trash cart and a recycling cart for $19.50 per month. Seniors citizens (65+) can receive a 10% discount by contacting Rumpke. Each residence will be mailed a quarterly invoice from Rumpke.


  • Trash and recyclables must be contained, properly prepared and visible at the curb by 6 a.m. each Thursday to ensure collection.
  • Place trash in the provided brown Rumpke cart and recycling in the provided green Rumpke cart. Branches may be tied into bundles no more than 4 ft. long and 2 ft. wide.
  • If you have extra trash, you may place it in approved personal containers or bags weighing no more than 50 lbs. or rent an additional trash cart from Rumpke.
  • If you have extra recyclables, you may exchange your 65-gallon recycling cart for a 95-gallon recycling cart or rent an additional recycling cart.


  • Households that generate large/bulky items may schedule a pickup 24 hours in advance of the trash service day by contacting customer service at 1-800-828-8171. Up to (2) items weekly can be scheduled (additional can be collected at a charge).
  • Preparation: Each item must be less than 50 lbs. and 1 cubic yard in size. Upholstered items, such as mattresses, furniture and box springs must be wrapped securely in plastic. Items with Freon must have the CFC removal certification attached at the time of collection.
  • Examples of bulky items include: Furniture, A/C unit, boards, fencing, paneling, carpeting cut into (4’) lengths and tied in an (18”) bundle.

Households that generate trash exceeding regular household volumes (e.g. moveouts, cleanouts, evictions), items weighing over 50 lbs. or construction materials may schedule a pickup 48 hours in advance of the trash service day, for which charges may apply. Additional accommodations, such as roll-off containers or alternative collection days, are often available or necessary at Rumpke’s discretion to ensure collection.


Rumpke cannot collect hazardous material such as batteries, pool chemicals, propane and helium tanks, paint, tires, syringes, electronics and unknown liquids. Visit for proper disposal instructions.


Trash Cart Placement


Recycling Acceptable Items - FEB 2022

Please place your recycling container at the curb the evening before your scheduled collection day. Items should be placed loose into recycling container. Make your recycling efforts count and leave out plastic bags, batteries, and clothing. Visit for more recycling dos and don’ts.

Don’t just recycle. Recycle Right.Recycle Right

It’s not only important to recycle. It’s important to Recycle Right.

By only recycling materials that are accepted at the recycling facility, your recycling will make more of an impact.  SWACO’s “RECYCLE RIGHT” campaign makes proper recycling easy by giving you a comprehensive list of what should and what shouldn’t go in your recycling container.  For more information about “RECYCLE RIGHT,” please visit


If the holiday falls on a weekday before your regular service day, collection will be delayed one day.

• If the holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, collection will NOT be delayed.

• Visit for holiday schedules and weather updates

Holidays that may affect your service day:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Day