City Council

Canal Winchester has a Strong Mayor-Council form of government with an elected mayor and seven elected council members. City Council is vested with all legislative powers of the City excepting those reserved to the people by the City Charter and the Constitution of the State of Ohio. City Council members are elected for staggered four year terms.

2019_Council_Group Photo
pictured, left to right:
Patrick Lynch (2018-2021), Jill Amos (2018-2021), Will Bennett (2018-2021), Bruce Jarvis (2016-2019),
Mike Walker(2016-2019), Bob Clark (2016-2019), Mike Coolman (2018-2021)

City Council Meetings

City Council meetings are held on the first and third Monday of every month. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are held at Town Hall located at 10 N. High Street in our Historic Downtown. All meetings of City Council are open to the public.

Public Comments

Each City Council meeting agenda includes a Public Comment item. It is during this time that anyone wishing to address City Council may do so. There is a five-minute per person limit which will be enforced by City Council President. Please note that this agenda item is not meant to be a question and answer session for members of City Council and members are not required to respond to public comments or questions raised during this time.

Council Work Sessions

City Council meets in Work Session prior to each City Council meeting to discuss legislative items and other issues of the City prior to being included on a City Council agenda. Council Work Session consists of all members of Council with the Vice- President serving as chair. The work sessions are divided into two areas of focus. The first Work Session of the month will focus on Finance/Economic Development items and the second monthly Work Session will focus on Service/Safety items. While each Work Session includes specific areas of focus, other items may be brought before Council as needed. Council Work Sessions are open to the public.

Rules Committee

Any resolution to amend the Rules of Council shall be referred to the Rules Committee where it shall be considered immediately, taking precedence over any other business before the committee, and the committee shall make a report on the resolution to amend at the next regular session of Council following its introduction. The Rules Committee shall meet at least once a year to review the standing rules of Council. The Rules Committees authority shall include, but not limited to, reviewing, investigating and recommending councilmatic action in areas involving eligibility for office and conflicts of interest. The Rules Committee shall also review, investigate and recommend councilmatic approval or disapproval of all candidates to fill vacancies for positions on City Council. 

Chairman and Members: Patrick Lynch (Chair), Jill Amos (Vice Chair), Mike Coolman

Other Assignments

CW Human Services - Patrick Lynch, Bruce Jarvis (Alternate)
Destination: Canal Winchester - Mike Walker, Jill Amos (Alternate)
CWICC - Bob Clark, Mike Coolman (Alternate)
CWJRD - Will Bennett, Jill Amos