Public Safety


Canal Winchester contracts with the Fairfield County Sheriff to provide law enforcement services to the city. The Fairfield County Sheriff has a substation located at 36 S. High Street that houses the Canal Winchester assigned sergeant and deputies. These officials have jurisdiction within Canal Winchester city limits and enforce the codified ordinances of the city 24 hours a day.

For additional information on the Fairfield County Sheriff, please visit their website.


Fire protection for Canal Winchester is provided by the Madison Township Fire Department. The Madison Township Fire Department has two stations located in Canal Winchester and Groveport that provide fire protection and prevention services to all township residents. Additional fire protection assistance is provided by surrounding community fire departments. To learn more about the Madison Township Fire Department, please visit Madison Township’s official website.

Community Watch

The Community Watch Program is administered by the Fairfield County Sheriff. The Community Watch Program is comprised of volunteers that patrol designated areas for suspicious activities, perform routine building checks, and work with the Fairfield County Sheriff’s deputies to help eliminate crime from our neighborhoods. To become a part of the Mobile Community Watch Program, please contact the Fairfield County Sheriff or visit the Community Watch Program website.

Vacation Property Check

The Fairfield County Sheriff provides a free vacation property check service to city residents. For more information about this service, visit the Fairfield County Sheriff’s website.

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