Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects

The City of Canal Winchester performs multiple capital improvement projects each year. Capital projects include improvements to our infrastructure such as the transportation network, water distribution system, storm water drainage system, waste water collection system, water treatment facilities, water reclamation facilities, parks improvements and building maintenance. These projects are investments in our community that help maintain the quality of life, safety and economic well being that the citizens and businesses of Canal Winchester have come to enjoy.

5 Year Capital Improvement Project Planning

The City of Canal Winchester establishes a five year planning document for capital improvements. As improvement and maintenance needs are identified they are included in the planning matrix. Cost estimates, potential funding sources, and time frames are identified to aid in the planning and budgeting efforts necessary to pursue these significant projects. The 5 Year CIP plan is a dynamic living document and is updated and revised on an annual basis in an effort to best address the City’s infrastructure needs in the most responsible and efficient manner possible.

Current Capital Projects
  1. 2023 Street Program
  2. 2023 Water Main Imps.
  3. McGill Ph. 2 Pickleball
  4. Gender Rd. Phase VI

The City of Canal Winchester utilizes a combination of resurfacing, pavement repairs and rejuvenation to deliver an efficient and cost-effective street program. This year approximately $1,295,000.00  will be reinvested into our roadway infrastructure through the program.

View details on the specifics of this years program (PDF)

Ashbrook Village Dr.- Exhibit

Winchester Village Courts - Exhibit

Dye/Manor Roadwork - Exhibit